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Sharie-Ann M. Stapleton


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Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance- Proverbs 1:5


It is Sharie-Ann's passion to see others grow and develop in their skills or even in cultivating new talents. Gaining knowledge at times requires a guide, someone to help you reach your goals or steer you in the right direction, as you expand in understanding.


Sharie-Ann is one of those guides that would help others to increase in learning through guidance.

"It is a beautiful sight to see someone go from struggling to grow, to growing... and blossoming".- S. M. Stapleton 

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What is Develop Me?

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Develop Me offers online training and tutoring in areas such as


  • Computer Software

  • Microsoft Office (excel, word, powerpoint etc.)

  • Outlook

  • Business Writing

  • Resume Creations 

  • Meeting Minutes

  • & Much more! 

All sessions for learners are held electronically. 


Excellent Service



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