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Snacks 4 Kids

Mission Praying Partners is a Non-Profit Organisation formulated to bring awareness of the Love and kindness that the Lord Jesus Christ intended us to have. It is also geared to seeing lives transformed and souls won for the Kingdom of God. Our Purpose at Mission Praying Partners is to provide prayers and support to everyone and to bring about positive change that would impact persons, one day at a time.


This initiative started on the heels of the 2021/2022 school year's opening. Many children are in need of snacks, meals etc., and have no access to any, for various reasons. This initiative is designed to support families that register for assistance where snacks are concerned for their children. This program was set forth to assist at least 100 children per school year, which will in turn help families throughout the community and positively impact the territory. Ensuring that children have snacks/food for school (and outside of school as well) is quite important! They are our future! Please join us and support this initiative!

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Our Snacks 4 Kids Programme is dedicated to helping 100 kids in the 2023-2024 school year. Our aim is to provide one year worth of snacks to these kids, with funding of $10,000 or snacks at this value. We believe every child deserves access to healthy snacks, and we are committed to making this dream a reality. We are grateful for your help in providing nutritious snacks to these children and look forward to your support.

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Meet the Founder

Sharie-Ann M. Stapleton

Sharie-Ann believes that if a person is in need, and you can help, then help. Surely it is a blessing to give to those in need. When Snacks for Kids was created, Sharie-Ann’s passion to see kids be blessed was quite apparent as she pushed to have the goal of 100 met. Many kids are most times in need of snacks, meals and so forth, but have no access to any. This programme has been set forth with children, their lunch bags, nutrition, health, and seeing their vibrant smiles in mind! The goal of helping at least one hundred children, with a school years' worth of snacks, will in turn help families throughout the Territory.


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